Roofing and Landscaping Services in Mentor OH


Lassiter & Son offers a wide variety of commercial landscaping services. From a new installation to weekly mowing, we can help!

Maintenance Programs

Our standard maintenance program runs from April 1 through the end of November. Our Maintenance Program includes bush and shrub pruning, mulching, spring and fall clean-up, weekly mowing, bed and weed maintenance. We also offer a Fertilization and/or Custom Packages.

Weekly Maintenance & Mowing

Our Weekly Maintenance & Mowing Crew at Lassiter & Son will catch and remove all clippings, edge sidewalks, blow off driveways, patios and walkways, weed all mulched areas, and mow all turf areas.

Spring Clean-Up

At Lassiter & Son we provide an excellent Spring Clean-Up program. Let us apply pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer to your shrubs and flower beds as well as prune them. We will examine your plants and let you know which are unhealthy or dead and may need to be replaced. We will clean up your driveway, parking lot and/or curbs and remove the mess that the winter left behind.

Weed Control & Bed Maintenance

We make weekly visits to your property to hand weed your flower beds; after all, nothing looks worse than weeds poking through your new mulch. We will apply commercial grade hebicide to leave your property weed free!

MulchingLandscaping Design

Adding mulch can make any landscape look beautiful. But, it not only looks nice, it is also important for adding nutrients to your plants. Lassiter & Son offers a wide range of color options.

Trimming & Pruning

As needed, Lassiter & Son will prune all bushes and shrubs throughout the year keeping your landscape in great condition. 

Fall Clean-up

Lassiter & Son offers weekly Fall Clean-Up visits. Our Fall Clean Up Program includes removal of leaves (including your flower beds) and ornamental grasses and shrubs will be cut down. For those of you just looking for leaf pick up, Lassiter & Son offers curb side leaf pick-up.

Design & Installation

Looking for more curb appeal? Lassiter & Son can create a custom landscape design, that is sure to be eye catching.

Drainage & Grading

If you have ever noticed soft spots in your yard, chances are, you may have a drainage issue. At Lassiter & Son, we specialize in drainage work, and can create a solution to keep water away from the foundation of your home or building. 


No yard is the same, and here at Lassiter & Son, we will create a customized fertilization program that meets all your lawns needs. Weather your lawn needs a complete overhaul, or just a little TLC, we've got you covered!

ROOFINGFlat Roofs Before & After

At Lassiter & Son, in Mentor, OH, we take pride in
all of our work. We hold ourselves to a high standard
in craftsmanship and quality for every job and
every customer.

Flat Roofs

At Lassiter & Son, we know that a high quality roof coating will help to add years to your flat roof life.
We will work with you to determine the best roofing solution is for you!

Roofing Types

At Lassiter & Son, we offer high quality roofing types will help to add years to your roof life. From metal roofs to flat roofs, we can do it all! 

Re-Roofs & Garages

Does your roof have wood damage? We can help! We have experience working on projects from demolition to re-building and re-roofing. We specialize in re-designing roof slopes to eliminate leaks.


There are a wide variety of styles and colors of vinyl siding to choose from. We can help determine which will work best for your home. We can also install soffit venting that will help air flow in your attic.


Lassiter & Son can design a gutter system from custom cut and capped ends, to larger down-spouting. We can help to eliminate roof damage from excessive water flow. We also offer gutter covers and seamless gutters in a wide variety of colors.


Lassiter & Son, in Mentor, OH, offers snowplowing and salting services to commercial, industrial and condominium complexes. We use only state of the art equipment. We can get the job done quickly with our fleet of machines, trucks and plows. We have been considered “the best snow removal service in the business” since 1949.

Specialized Services

At Lassiter & Son, we help condominium complexes remove snow with track-type skid loaders which allows us to clean out the tight areas and pile snow almost anywhere.

Snow Removal & Hauling

We can handle any job – from hauling snow off of the property to stacking the snow for more room. The job can get done quickly with our dump trucks and loaders.

Salting & Ice Control

To ensure safety, salting is the best way to go. Our fleet is fully equipped to accommodate any size area from parking areas, roadways, loading ramps or sidewalks. We also have 24 hour 7 day a week access to salt at our warehouse.

Packages & Pricing

Lassiter & Son offers a wide variety of packages for ice control and snow removal. When considering us, we would like to meet with you to discuss problems and concerns and determine your specific needs.  This will help us to provide the best possible service. We offer custom packages, which include salt and snow removal.

Call Lassiter & Son, today at 440-257-8181 to see how we can help you!

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